When should I use a white ceiling fan?

White ceiling fans are one go-to item that designers admit will never fade from style. That’s true even for those who prefer elegant lighting instead of a fan. There are some solid reasons to go with a white ceiling fan but it all centers on one pivotal question. 

Most people use white ceiling fans with a white ceiling so that the fan blends in. This way it is more functional rather than a noticeable feature of the room.

You’ll have to ask yourself, do you want your fan to blend in or stand out? White ceiling fans are great as they can be used in either situation.

White ceiling fan

White Ceiling Fan Pros and Cons

Everyone has an opinion about white ceiling fans but there are some advantages and disadvantages to having them adorn the space above your room. 


  • These fans can provide good contrast in a room full of color. 
  • It can fit into anyone’s style of any age. 
  • It will go with any design or color change in the room. 
  • It isn’t as noticeable against white ceilings.


  • It doesn’t make a bold statement.
  • White fans can look old-fashioned in some people’s opinion
  • It doesn’t work well in rooms with earth tones.
  • A white fan shows more dirt.

Are white ceiling fans out of style?

Designers say white ceiling fans are as much in style today as ever. They are considered timeless pieces of functional decor that do not get outdated.

Dan’s Fan City has 50 stores and sells fans online. According to Darby Serra, the national sales director, approximately 60 percent of indoor fan sales are white fans. Designers make that number jump as high as 80 percent because they like white ceiling fans for their interior designs. 

When you move to outside decor, the numbers reverse with 60 percent of sales being dark fans. The reason for the move to darker fans outside is they don’t show dirt and dust as much as the white ones. 

Do white fans look cheap?

White fans don’t look cheap unless they are cheap. They come in a variety of styles so it’s the style that may put some people off. 

Some believe white ceiling fans look too juvenile or cheap for an adult space. If that were true, designers wouldn’t love them so much. Designers say the reason they pick white fans over other choices is that they match the ceiling.

The new trend is either to have a fan match the ceiling or pick one that makes a bold statement.

Should you use a white fan on a white ceiling?

By all means, you should use a white fan on a white ceiling if you want the fan to be functional without being noticed. 

Those who want their ceiling fan to “disappear” into a white ceiling should get one with no ornamentation. White blades with a white light in a contemporary style will make it hardly noticeable.

This type of fan would look great in modern, minimalistic spaces.

Other white fans can include an intricate design or some vintage hardware to add a bit more style to your space. These are fans you want to be noticed and they can look expensive. 

Are white ceiling fans popular?

Yes, white ceiling fans are popular. That is, in part, because white ceiling fans are the go-to whenever someone is in a design crisis.

Designers say white ceiling fans offer a simple, elegant look that will match anything so they are always a safe bet when you are unsure what you are going to do to the room. They are one element that won’t need to be changed if you change your style. 

Serra claims that no one gets bored with a white fan. 

Flush mount ceiling fan in bedroom

Can a white fan make a bold statement?

Some white ceiling fans are ornate and can make a bold statement. That is especially true for the larger fans. 

Those who want their white ceiling fan noticed can use them as a contrasting color to a painted room or ceiling. A bold or darker color, like navy blue or red, will dramatically showcase the fan.

Are white fans cheaper or more expensive than other fans?

Color doesn’t make any difference in the price. The price is determined by the manufacturer, the size, and the style. Some manufacturers are going to have more expensive ceiling fans than lower-end brands no matter which ceiling fan color you choose. There are some styles available in many different colors from the larger manufacturers.

How do I pick the right fan?

Picking the right ceiling fan for your room goes beyond color. White fans come in a variety of sizes and styles so you still have many options. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make in picking a fan is that they pick one that is too small for the room. You want a fan to be functional and a small fan can’t handle a big room with vaulted ceilings. 

Another mistake people make is trying to use an inside fan outside. That isn’t a good idea because outdoor fans are created to resist rust and to be used in wet and humid locations.

Beyond that, fans are generally better if they have a light as you will want some type of overhead light. However, designers advise not to be dependent on the overhead light and accent the rest of the room with stylish lamps. 

Downrod size and length is also an important element for functionality, and remember, they’re not universal.

Also, consider how to control them. Remotes are handy but wall switches also come with fan adjusters. 

Choose a fan that will go in reverse. Which way a ceiling fan should spin is an important consideration. Experts say fans should move counterclockwise during the summer and clockwise when heat is on during the winter. The reasoning is adding a breeze during the summer makes the home cooler and sucking up air in the winter disperses the heat better. 

However, the direction should be viewed as if you are looking down at the fan, not up. 


Whether or not to get a white ceiling fan is a matter of personal preference. However, those who opt for them have many designers who agree with them. White ceiling fans are lovely, simple, practical, and fit any room.