Westinghouse 7877365 Richboro

Westinghouse 42-Inch Richboro Reversible Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan Review

Ceiling fans are good investments for the home, both ornamental and functional. The cooling benefit a fan gives during the summer months is always a relief, but there are also reversible models that can churn out warm air for the winter season.

So reversible ceiling fans are actually a nice device for homeowners since it can do its job in the winter and summer in just one package. One example of a reversible fan is the Westinghouse 42-Inch Reversible Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan.

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Features of the Westinghouse 42-Inch Richboro Reversible Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

  • Westinghouse 7877365 RichboroHas 42-inch size
  • Comes with 5 reversible fan blades
  • Includes silicon steel motor with dual capacitor
  • Has 3 fan speeds: low, medium, and high
  • Has reversible switch
  • Comes with alabaster glass in frost finish
  • Has rosewood and light maple fan blades
  • Can fit rooms up to 12 ft. by 12 ft.
  • Model can be used with remote control (not included)
  • Can work with dimmer
  • Presents airflow of 2.995 CFMs
  • Has energy consumption of 44 watts minus lights
  • Has airflow efficiency of 68 CFMs per watt
  • Backed by lifetime motor warranty and 2-year warranty on other components



A ceiling fan like this Westinghouse model is pretty beneficial to bigger rooms since it gets rid of that stuffy feeling during the hotter months of the year, thus preventing a stagnant atmosphere. Ceiling fans facilitate air circulation, and a reversible model like this product provides extra advantages.

Reversible models help in maintaining a more comfortable environment even during the winter season. It is a standard among ceiling fans to provide cool air on hot days; however, by reversing its direction, that pushes warm air down into the room hence it will give warm air in colder weather.

The function of a ceiling fan is to allow air to flow inside the room, but it does not actually cool down or heat up the space itself. It merely produces a cool breeze whenever the fan rotates in a counter-clockwise motion so people inside the space will feel more comfortable.

If the fan was set to rotate in a clockwise movement on low speeds during cold weather, it will assist in moving warm air that remains in the ceiling with the cool air downwards, allowing the space to become warmer faster. To prevent cool air from forming, it is always recommended that individuals set the fan to a low speed while in reverse.

Westinghouse 7877365 RichboroA ceiling fan is capable of taking in energy while powered on and the quantity of energy it will use up will be based on the fan size and the manner in which the fan is designed.

It is also important that consumers choose a fan size that will suit their room perfectly in order for the unit to perform efficiently. If the fan is too tiny for the room, then it will not allow better airflow and inhabitants of the room will not feel its cooling impact or warm air circulation.

If the fan is too big, homeowners will only end up wasting energy as soon as they power it on. The air circulation of a bigger fan for a small room will be too much and it can overpower the size of the room and its inhabitants, actually leading to discomfort.

The Westinghouse 42-Inch Reversible Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan can fit rooms up to 12 ft. by 12 ft. so if you have a room of this size, this model might be something to check out.

In general, spaces that have less than 7 m. sq. will benefit from a fan that is around 29 to 36 inches in size while rooms that are between 7-13 m. sq. will benefit from fans sizes of 42 inches. For bigger rooms measuring up to 21 m. sq., a fan with a 44-inch size will do well.

This Westinghouse ceiling fan unit comes with 3 fan speeds and is ideal for use in medium-size rooms. It comes with 5 reversible rosewood and light maple fan blades with a brushed nickel finish. It also includes 1 light and has components that are made from plastic, metal, and wood materials.

The unit is fast and easy to mount, you will not need another individual to help you with the installation. It proved to be soundless when powered on and at the same time looked good on the ceiling as well. The 5 blades of the unit worked evenly—it was pretty stable and did not display any wobbling.


The product worked well on some aspects. However, for some individuals, the plastic components of the item might not click well with them. While it does include the bulbs for the unit, consumers have to consider replacements for it and see if they are accessible in their area. The size of the fan may also be too small for some.


The Westinghouse 42-Inch Reversible Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan is a good model for individuals who want a ceiling fan unit with reversible features. It is decorative, completely functional, and noiseless during operation.

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