Texas Star Ceiling Fans – Our Top Picks

I have said that Texas is a state of mind, but I think it is more than that. It is a mystique closely approximating a religion – John Steinbeck

Texas Star Ceiling Fan

If you ask a Texan what they think of their home state, the chances are most of them would agree wholeheartedly with Steinbeck. As far as Texans are concerned, the Lone Star State isn’t just their home or where they’re from and it’s more than a way of life and it’s more than just another shape on a map.

It’s a place where history was made, and the pride that they have in their home state carries over into every aspect of their lives, including the way they decorate their living spaces.

The perfect way to give any home an Old West feel and add a little Texas pride and spirit, ceiling fans adorned by the Star of Texas aren’t just for show.

Sure, that’s the main reason they’re there, to let everyone know where the homeowner is from, and how proud they are of their home state, but they’re also there to cool a room down in Winter and warm it up in Summer.

The fact that ceiling fans use the Star of Texas as a way to do that, makes them even more desirable as far as Texans and any fan of the Old West is concerned.

And, they’ve got a point. The Star of Texas does add little something extra to a ceiling fan and any room it’s used to cool down, looks like the dining of a Texan Ranch.

If you want to add some subtle Lone Star spirit, to your home, then we can’t think of a better way to show your friends and family how you feel than by adding a ceiling fan. It’s what any Texan would do.

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Texas Star Ceiling Fan – Comparison Table

Sheridan Star Bronze Ceiling Fan - 52" Blades with Silver Mica & Light Kit
Western Star Ceiling Fan 52" Blades
KIVA Western Longhorn Ceiling Fan
Copper Canyon Texas Star Sheridan
Copper Canyon Western Star
Copper Canyon Kiva Western Longhorn
Price not available
Price not available
Price not available
Sheridan Star Bronze Ceiling Fan - 52" Blades with Silver Mica & Light Kit
Copper Canyon Texas Star Sheridan
Price not available
Western Star Ceiling Fan 52" Blades
Copper Canyon Western Star
Price not available
KIVA Western Longhorn Ceiling Fan
Copper Canyon Kiva Western Longhorn
Price not available

Texas Star Ceiling Fan – Reviews

If you’re looking for a way to transform your home into a Texas-style ranch, then you’re going to want to install the Western Star.

Traditionally crafted in New Mexico, the Star of Texas features heavily in the design that embraces everything from the Lone Star state, which it uses to enhance and accentuate its intricate wood and metal construction that is intensified by the bronze finish.

The Western Star’s fully reversible motor means you can enjoy both of the seasons that matter in Texas, Summer, and Winter, equally without worrying about a single thing, as Copper Canyon provides a lifetime guarantee for the motor.

You’ll never be far from that Texas state of mind when you gaze up at the Western Star as it brings a little bit of Longhorn warmth and charm straight into your home.

Copper Canyon takes a special sort of pride in everything that they make and that shows in every detail of Western Star which has been made with the utmost respect.

They may be located in New Mexico, but Copper Canyon has an affinity for the Home of the Alamo that’s impossible to fake and that rapport is evident in every star that embellishes this gorgeous fan.

Copper Canyon imbues all of their products with the spirit of the Old West which gives them a unique, rustic charm that makes them a standout feature of any room they’re in.

Whether you like it or not, your eyes will be drawn to the ceiling fan and the Stars of Texas that adorn, along with a rope motif, its walnut blades.

The Sheridan is all about Texas and carries a sense of pride and place that would make any Texan proud. If you use the lighting kit that comes with it, the lamp will also illuminate the finely crafted stars that envelop it.

Available with forty-four, fifty-two, and sixty-inch blades, this pull chain operated, three-speed ceiling fan combines elegant design and history to let everyone know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, where your heart really lies.

The perfect way to enhance any cowboy-themed room or home, the Western Kiva celebrates Texas’ long history of ranching and horsemanship and incorporates a more subdued Star theme, preferring to accentuate the role that steeds and the men who rode them played in making Texas famous the world over.

This five-blade ceiling fan that’s been lovingly hand made from glass, wood, and metal and furnished with a bronze finish has a fully reversible motor that’ll help to keep you cool in Summer and warm in Winter that’s guaranteed for life by Copper Canyon.

If it fails, they’ll fix it or give you your money back.

Fully damp-proofed, the Kiva Western can also bring a little of that much needed Texas spirit to your covered patio or porch and will serve as a constant reminder that history and the Lone Star state, much like Copper Canyon, have a place in every home.

Because as a famous Texan once said, there’s a little bit of Texas in everyone, you just need to find it, and when you do, never let it go.

Drawing its inspiration from the part that that cowboy played in Texas’ rich history with a joint horseshoe and star motif, the Laredo ceiling fan, whether consciously or unconsciously, also pays homage to the oldest law enforcement agency in America, the Texas Rangers.

Finished in black, the Laredo places equal emphasis, just like the state that it honors does, on the man and the horse, both of which transformed the face of the Old West and Texas.

The thing that really makes the Laredo stand out, apart from its reversible fan and lifetime guarantee, is the soft candelabra style bulbs that it uses to light and illuminate its design.

A fan that was designed, crafted, and made by a company that thinks with its heart rather than its bottom line, this reverential fan is an ode to place and a time that changed the face of the modern world.

After all, as any Texan will happy testify, the Earth may revolve and the sun, but the US, that revolves around Texas.

This gorgeous, handcrafted fan that comes straight from Copper Canyon’s small New Mexico base, is dedicated to the Texan Longhorn and the industry that made the Lone Star state the center of the Union, ranching.

Cattle, stars, and horseshoes adorn it’s metal base, while horseshoes are used to hold the sixty-inch fan blades in place. Crafted from wood and metal and finished in bronze, it’s a testament to the men and women who made Texas everything that it is today.

Damp-proofed so that it can be used on covered patios and porches as well as indoors, the Longhorn will bring a touch of the Old West into any home.

It’s fully reversible motor, that’s also guaranteed for the lifetime of the fan and anyone lucky enough to have it in their home by Copper Canyon, means that you can enjoy the Longhorn in the coldest depths of Winter and the driest, hottest, and longest days of Summer.

The most expensive tribute to Texas and its Star that Copper Canyon makes, owning it might mean pushing your budget to its limits, but how can you put a price on something that’s made with as much love and devotion as the Longhorn?

What Is The Star of Texas?

The Star of Texas serves as a reminder of the state’s celebrated and volatile early history.  Known as the “Lone Star” state, the star has been a widely recognized Texan symbol since it’s formative years and is deeply rooted in the Texas story.

What is that story? We’re glad you asked because the star and the story are intertwined and inextricably linked.

A long time ago, before the West was won, Texas was originally part of Mexico and was known as  Coahuila y Tejas (Coahuila and Texas). According to the history books, it’s original provincial flag was two stars in the middle of the green, red and white flag that Mexico still uses as it’s national colors and symbol.

Texas fought a bitter, year-long war in 1835 to in an effort to gain its independence and succeed from Mexico. Following its hard-won victory, Texas became an independent republic in 1836 and it’s flag, featuring one star, and the word Texas is thought to be where the nickname ‘The Lone Star’ state originally came from.

Renouncing it’s independent status in 1845 when it finally joined the United States, Texas has never forgotten it’s long history and the price that it originally paid to gain its independence from Mexico.

The “Star of Texas” is still seen by many of the state’s natives as a celebration of the rugged individualism and strength of character that Texans take a great deal of pride in. The Star has been adopted by many different businesses in Texas as a way to reflect the contentment and comfort that being a part of the Lone Star state confers on them.

Most famously, the Star of Texas is used as the centerpiece of the badge of the Texas Rangers Division, or as they’re more commonly known the Texas Rangers, who are America’s longest-standing branch of independent law enforcement.

Formed in 1835, the Rangers while still an active agency within the borders of Texas have no jurisdiction outside of their home state, but are still seen as the “guardians” of the Star of Texas and everything that it represents to Texans.

But the Rangers, while being the most visible, aren’t the only agency to use the Texas Star, as the State’s flag uses the same design that Peter Krag was commissioned to paint by a Senate committee in 1849.

And the Star? It sits proudly in the middle of that flag and serves as a reminder of all of the things that Texas holds dear. Bravery, loyalty, and individualism. It’s a Texas thing.