Quince 24-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan Review

WESTINGHOUSE 7224300 QUINCEIt does not matter where you live – you will notice that most homes do feature a ceiling fan. It makes for convenient access to cool breezes in case one needs it. It is a refreshing relief during the summer and a great way to warm up in the winter too.

Reversible ceiling fans are always beneficial during the cold months, hence making the unit a must-have device that can be used most of the year. Looking for a ceiling fan that has reversible features? Then check out the [easyazon_link identifier=”B004SCFCPE” locale=”US” tag=”hdsolutions-20″]Quince 24-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan[/easyazon_link].

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Features of the Quince 24-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

  • Suits rooms that measure up to 80 square ft.
  • Made for indoor usage only
  • Provides 3 fan speeds from low, medium, and high
  • Comes with reversible switch
  • Includes down rod, lead wire, and 2 candelabra-style 60W light bulbs
  • Includes 6 blades
  • Comes with glass shade with opal frost finish
  • Has gun-metal finish
  • Product measures 24 inches


Ceiling fans are a great investment since it is designed to provide service for most of the year. One can use it in the summer and the winter. Reversible models like this unit from Westinghouse are geared to offer cool air during hot days and warm air on colder days by means of changing the direction of the fan. If you are tired of the constantly high bills that you get because of using your AC, then ceiling fans will allow you to save.

If one uses the ceiling fan smartly, homeowners can lower their energy usage. It is known that ceiling fans do not use as much power as air conditioners.

Most ceiling fans are in fact energy-efficient so homeowners who want to cut down on electricity use and people who like eco-friendly materials often invest in quality ceiling fans. If you want to maximize the use of the unit, remember that majority of fans suck air up in standard mode and move air in a downward direction in reverse.

This unit will allow you to get the best of both worlds; cool breezes during the summer and warm air in winter. Blowing air in an upward direction helps pull air inside the room coming from windows and skylights.

With the presence of a ceiling fan, the unit will allow air in the room to remain fresh and cool. This is the main function of the ceiling fan —to allow for excellent cooling and air distribution.

Now when you set the fan in reverse mode, it will push air downward. This is a great method to carry warm air away from the ceiling and back into the space’s lower half, where individuals often linger around.

Furthermore, if the room comes with AC vents that are located close to the floor, the fan’s reverse mode will help pull in cool air upwards even more and disperse warmer air in return so you can take advantage of its effects.

This beneficial reverse mode can surge warm air from windows that are positioned higher than usual, wherein it generates negative air pressure that will pull cool air from lower windows.

Quince Ceiling FanSo a ceiling fan is indeed a convenient electrical device. You can use the unit the whole year and you won’t have to turn on your AC anymore. This Westinghouse unit is an energy-efficient model that comes with a high-quality motor that gives noiseless performance that lasts all year.

It is considered a flush mount unit that has a contemporary style with asymmetric blades, enhancing the looks of homes and offices. It is ideal for rooms that measure up to 80 square ft.

The package comes with installation hardware and instructions for fuss-free procedures and it is backed by a lifetime warranty for the motor and 2-year warranty on other components.

You can save up to 30 percent on heating costs during the winter with this product by setting it to run clockwise. Allow it to run counter-clockwise during the summer for the cooling breeze and it will also help you save on energy bills.


Some consumers might find the fan a bit small. The fan was a little wobbly as well. As for the blades, they would get more points if they were just a bit longer.


The Quince 24-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan from Westinghouse is a great reversible model. If you are in need for a fan that can do its job in both hot and cold seasons, this is something you can check out.

It did great when it comes to providing cool and warm air. However, if you are wary of the wobbly quality and the length of the blades, you have to look for another model somewhere. This is a reversible ceiling fan that operates decently for its price.

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