Hunter Symphony Ceiling Fan Review

Introducing the Hunter Symphony Ceiling Fan

It’s the age of smart home appliances folks.

Just the other day, we got our hands on a wonderful cloud light that syncs with your smartphone and adjusts the tempo according to the beats of the music that you play on it. If the music has the sound of rain or thunder, it blinks like a thundercloud. Neat! It’s found a permanent place for itself in our living room.

And we can’t stop gushing about our new Hunter Symphony fan either.

It’s a beaut! And it’s smart.

Can’t get any better, can it?

For the uninitiated, the Symphony is a Wi-Fi enabled, Smart fan from Hunter, one of the most reputed brands that manufactures ceiling fans.

It is compatible with voice control and automation applications like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

But fancy features apart, it is one of the best ceiling fans that we have ever used.

Here’s our Hunter Symphony Fan Review.

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Looks and Installation

As we mentioned earlier, the symphony looks stunning.

We know that aesthetics is subjective. But we love the three curved blades and the overall profile.

So do most of the customers who have purchased it.

It is available in three color options. We personally loved the matte black. But the Nickel looks equally good. And if you hate a conversation piece or a contrast against the white ceiling, then you can pick the white one.

Coming to the installation part, to be honest, we expected it to be a tedious chore.

Being a smart fan, there had to be more cables or buttons to deal with, right?

We were mistaken.

The Symphony is a breeze to install, especially if you have installed ceiling fans earlier.

It ships with a small 2” down rod that allows for a flush installation. And the wiring is exactly like any other ceiling fan.

It is a little bulkier due to the swooping blades and the large lighting fixture in the center.

But it’s nothing that two people (or one) can’t handle.


Don’t be surprised if you find yourself double checking to see if the fan is operational, even after you power it on.

That’s because it’s as silent as a mouse.

The much-hyped ‘WhisperWind’ motor is for real and apart from the slight whoosh due to the rotating blades, there’s not even the slightest sound.

The motor is reversible. So, you can switch from downdraft in summers to updraft when the mercury drops.

At the highest speed setting, the wind flow is excellent. It moves tons of air (5730 CFM) thanks to the powerful motor and the 13-degree blade pitch.

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Syncing and Configuring

Hunter 59375 Symphony Ceiling FanThe connectivity can be patchy at times depending on where you are in the house and how good your wifi network is.

Once connected, it shows up as a new device to add to HomeKit.

(Tip: If it doesn’t show up, try resetting the Wi-Fi. Should work fine now.)

Basic configurations and tweaks can be performed on the home app and it is very easy to use.

But for more precise settings, you need to download the Hunter App.

The Hunter app gives you tons of customizable options.

  • You can choose between a single or a triple beep sound that the fan makes whenever it detects a command from the remote or the app. You can switch the sound off completely if need be.
  • You can increase the fan speed in 25% increments.
  • The intensity of the LED bulbs can be increased or decreased by 10%.

And if you are too lazy to reach out to your smartphone to tweak the settings, just ask Alexa, Siri or Google to dim the light or switch off the fan for you!

The Remote Control

If you are not a huge fan (no pun intended) of smartphones and voice commands, then you can always use the compact remote control included with the fan.

It comes with a black wall-mounting holder that allows you to access most of the functions.

And it slides in and out of the holder easily.

The Light Fixture

Hunter Symphony Ceiling FanAs if the features weren’t good enough already, Hunter throws in two 9.8W dimmable LED bulbs in the package.

At its highest intensity, the bulbs are really bright.

The only grumble that we have is the bulbs are a warm daylight variety as opposed to a soft white light.

That’s not a deal breaker though.

Why We Love The Hunter Symphony Ceiling Fan

  • It looks stylish and sleek with the swooping three-blade design.
  • It’s a single solution for lights and air flow.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Incredibly quiet, even at top speed.
  • At 5730 CFM, the airflow is excellent at top speed.
  • The dimmable LED lights allow you to set the lights at the perfect intensity to suit your mood.
  • It is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Can be connected to Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • Use voice commands to control the functions.
  • Fan blade speed can be increased in 25% increments.
  • Light intensity can be reduced or increased in 10% increments.
  • Integrated remote control.

The Final Verdict

Despite a few minor niggles, we couldn’t be more pleased with the Hunter Symphony fan. It backs up the great aesthetics with near flawless performance.

It is super quiet too.

And it is perfect for lazybones like us who like to use Alexa and Siri for just about everything.

We love it. What is your experience with the Hunter Symphony Ceiling Fan?

Do let us know and we hope that you enjoyed this Hunter Symphony fan review.

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