Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Bulb

Have you recently picked up a Hampton Bay ceiling fan and you’re wondering what bulbs you’re going to need for the built-in light? Perhaps you’ve had one for a long time and you’re wondering if you can try out a different, brighter, fancier kind?

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

Regardless of your circumstances, we’ve researched all you need to know about Hampton Bay, the ceiling fans they offer, what kinds of lightbulbs they utilize, where you might find them and how to perform a replacement.

Always interact with electrical products safely – make sure everything is switched off before you do any dismantling, as you could be subject to a nasty shock or cause damage to the ceiling fan itself.

Who is Hampton Bay?

Always right at home promises their home page, assuring you that their furniture will fit in no matter the aesthetic of your abode, and, much to the delight of Goldilocks, their products are just right.

Built from the highest quality materials, their dependable decor is available in multitudinous designs that turn a boring, empty house into a lived-in family home, and they’re only available at Home Depot.

It might sound like a sophisticated holiday destination, but Hampton Bay is just the Depot’s home furnishing subsidiary, proferring lighting, ceiling fans, patio furniture, even kitchen cabinets, all easy to install, and at a reasonable price.

You won’t find their products anywhere else, so any manufacturer using the same name is a cheap imitation lacking the quality that consumers have come to expect. Even when it comes to something as simple as a lightbulb!

Read more about who makes Hampton Bay ceiling fans here.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

There are numerous ceiling fans on offer: with and without lights, indoor fans, outdoor fans, fans that are remote controlled… the opportunities are endless, and there’s a product to suit any consumer’s needs.

Not all of their ceiling fans have a light fitting, but the ones that do also utilize a variety of features, including dimming capabilities, remote control, Alexa and Google Home compatibility. Ever dreamed of turning the lights on or off with just your voice?

Do they come with bulbs?

Not every Hampton Bay fan will have a light built-in, and not all of the models that do include a light will have a bulb in-box for immediate installation. Make sure you read the product description thoroughly to find out if you need to buy one or not!

Should your official light kit have included a fourteen watt CFL bulb, as most of them do, these are an older design that is difficult to find and purchase as they are no longer readily available in most popular stores.

Finding a CFL bulb is proving more and more difficult as manufacturers make the switch to more energy-efficient offerings, which of course is great for the environment but not so good if you’re trying to find one.

As a result, we would encourage you to, when the time comes, opt for a much more eco-friendly LED bulb to power your Hampton Bay light, which not only contributes to saving the planet, but they’ll also cost you less to power at home in the long run.

Which bulb do you need? As you might expect, Home Depot carries all of the necessary bulbs that they use in their Hampton Bay range, but these are usually found for a cheaper price online, and are easily purchased from Amazon.

It is highly recommended that you check the user manual or manufacturer specifications that came with your ceiling fan before you buy a new bulb, as it will clearly outline which size and style of bulb is required.

Should you have misplaced this easy-to-lose booklet, it’s pretty easy to find them as scanned PDFs online by Googling the type of fan you have, or to be more specific, the product number, if you know it.

Typically a Hampton Bay ceiling fan light has a forty or sixty-watt maximum output, so taking care to select a bulb that does not exceed these measurements is important if you want to avoid shattering and potential injury.

There are three standard bulb base sizes in a Hampton Bay ceiling fan light, as outlined in the following table:

Size of Bulb Base

Width (inches)

Height (inches)

Medium Base (E26)



Intermediate Base (E17)



Candelabra Base (E12)



The majority of ceiling fans with light fixtures will utilize a medium base, which is the standard size for incandescent bulbs and their replacements, but as we have said, these energy-wasting bulbs are slowly being phased out.

Hampton Bay Universal Light Kit

If you have a ceiling fan without a light and you’d like to upgrade without splashing too much cash, Hampton Bay also offer a universal light conversion kit, turning any ceiling fan into a light fixture.

Lightweight, easy to operate and compatible with a variety of dimmers and remote controls, this is a versatile bundle that pretty much anyone can pick up and use, so you don’t have to worry about being incredibly precise with measurements.

Fitting in beautifully with any home decor theme, a contemporary style with a sleek white finish is composed from sturdy metal – the stepped design on the lens means it should fit snugly onto the majority of existing fans.

Supplied alongside the fixture is an integrated LED bulb, which are known to emit a far superior amount of light in comparison to the incandescent bulbs that were popular previously, as well as being better for the planet.

You can choose between a warm and a cool light color using the discrete slider built in to the side of the kit, allowing you to change the ambience and atmosphere whenever you like, to suit whatever your mood is at the time.

The whole kit has been rated appropriately according to Energy Star guidelines, so you can be certain that your light usage is energy efficient, helping to save both the environment and money on your electricity bills.

Included in the box is a guide that clearly explains how to install the kit with a ceiling fan that is controlled by chains as opposed to buttons, so even if your fan is a little more retro, you’ll still be able to perform a complete upgrade.

If you’re not that keen on the Hampton Bay universal light kit, there may be others that fit your ceiling fan. Read our guide to find out are fan light kits are interchangeable and you may be able to find yourself something more to your taste.

How do I replace my dead Hampton Bay ceiling fan bulb?

Should your bulb have bit the dust, or you’ve decided to change to a more energy-efficient variety, you’ll want to know the easiest way to switch a dead one out for a fresh replacement. Take a look at our article to find the best LED light bulb for your ceiling fan.

Firstly, though it sounds obvious: switch off the light, and the fan. You don’t want an electric shock from up there! Use a ladder or step-stool that offers you easy access to the light without straining or placing your weight on the fan’s mounting.

If you’ve got an open-shade Hampton Bay fan, it’s as simple as unscrewing the old bulb by turning to the left and popping in the new one by twisting to the right. Remember – righty tighty, lefty loosey!

Should you have a globe or closed shade, it’s a little trickier. Carefully unscrew the set screws that hold your shade in place – there will be three of these on a Hampton fan. Make sure you put them somewhere safe while you replace the bulb!

Screw in the new bulb as described above, then replace the removable shade and screw it back in tightly (ask someone tall to help hold it in position if you need!) so that there is no wobble if you try to move it.

Test everything is in tightly and locked into place by flicking the light. If it fails to come on, you’ve installed the bulb incorrectly, or there’s a problem with the replacement bulb – try fitting another bulb to see if that one works.