Should You Put A Ceiling Fan In Your Bedroom – Yes Or No?

During the summer months, there’s nothing worse than a hot bedroom. Trying to get to sleep when it’s warm and sticky is anything but pleasant.

A ceiling fan can be a great, inexpensive way to help keep your bedroom a more comfortable temperature and circulate the air.

It is absolutely worth having a ceiling fan in the bedroom. In fact, we see it as a great purchase. Even if you already have air conditioning, it’s still worthwhile. It can even make running your air con more efficient by circulating the cool air around the room more effectively.

Bedroom Ceiling Fan

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Are Ceiling Fans Still Used In Bedrooms?

Absolutely – who doesn’t love the look of a good ceiling fan? Not only that, a ceiling fan may even be a little bit cheaper and quieter to operate than an air conditioner.

We can assure you that there are absolutely no issues with placing a ceiling fan in your bedroom and will in fact add a great aesthetic to the room.

Even if you already have air conditioning installed, we think it’s still a great choice to have a ceiling fan in your bedroom.

Benefits Of Putting a Ceiling Fan In Your Bedroom


Aesthetics will be one of the main reasons why people opt for a ceiling fan in their bedrooms.

There are tons of different designs out there, so you should easily be able to find a design to suit your decor. You can’t say the same for an air conditioner system!


While we are on the subject of air conditioner systems, installing a ceiling fan is going to be a much, much cheaper way of keeping you cool.

Sure, ceiling fans require a bit of power to keep going, but nothing like an energy-hungry air conditioner. Not to mention the fact that the initial purchase price of a fan is considerably lower than an air conditioner.

Of course, a good ceiling fan will help you to keep cool in bed. We are positive that most of the people reading this page will have had those nights where they simply cannot sleep because it is too hot.

Have a ceiling fan? Just switch it on, and you will be able to feel the breeze instantly!

Air Circulation

Ceiling fans also provide great air circulation.

A ceiling fan is a great companion for air-conditioning. Since ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air, they simply circulate it, the air conditioning will provide the cooling and the ceiling fan will distribute it around the room.

This makes the cooling much more efficient and can help you save on your energy bills (which is an important thing at the moment)!

If you live in a home with not a lot of moving air, then things can get humid and start to smell rather stale. A good ceiling fan will help to keep the air moving and keep your bedroom smelling nice and fresh.

Keeping Warm

Finally, not a lot of people know this, but a ceiling fan can potentially help with heating during the winter months.

Many modern ceiling fans will have a reversible motor. When the colder months roll in, you simply flick the switch on the ceiling fan that makes the fan spin in the opposite direction, and voila, your ceiling fan is now helping you circulate hot air instead.

Providing Light

Many ceiling fans come with built in lights. This is a great way to add some extra illuminations to your bedroom. Many come with energy efficient LED bulbs, or you could go for something stylish like a ceiling fan with Edison bulbs.

Often you don’t want to turn on the full ceiling lights in your bedroom and would prefer something a little less full-on. In this instance, a ceiling fan with a light would be perfect.

Where Should a Ceiling Fan Be Placed In a Bedroom?

With most rooms in the home, the majority of people opt for a ceiling fan placed centrally in the room. This means as close to the center of the room as possible.

You can still do this in a bedroom, but lots of people go for the alternative and place it above their bed, which may not be central in your room. Of course, both methods have their pros and cons.

If you have the ceiling fan placed over your bed, you will be able to enjoy a direct breeze. This can be ideal if your bed isn’t in the center of your room.

The problem is that you don’t really have much opportunity to change the layout of your room should you need to. After all, that ceiling fan isn’t going to be located in the center, and that means moving the bed will be tricky.

Having the ceiling fan in the center of the room will ensure that the entire room is cooled down equally. Although it may bug you aesthetically initially, it will be worthwhile in the long run. Before long you won’t even notice the fan anyway.

ceiling fan and recessed lights

What Type Of Ceiling Fan Should Be Used In a Bedroom?

There isn’t a specific type of ceiling fan for bedrooms. The bulk of your decision will be on the design of the ceiling fan and your bedroom.

We do have a few points you should consider before purchasing your fan:

How high are your ceilings?

You’re not going to want to choose a ceiling fan that hangs too low. While a low-hanging ceiling fan may be suitable for the center of the room, it doesn’t quite work so well hanging over a bed.

After all, the bed is already raised up from the floor. It can make it tough to move around in your bed.

If you are tight on head room, we recommend a low profile, flush mount ceiling fan.

How much breeze do you need?

If you are looking for a ceiling fan to hang over your bed, then you don’t need anything too powerful. Even the lower-powered ceiling fans should provide you with adequate cooling.

Look for a ceiling fan with various speed settings so you can change it to your preference.

What Features Should You Look For?

These features are not a necessity, but we find that it makes life a little bit more comfortable.

Remotes and Smart Controls

This is one of our must-have fan features for a bedroom – a handy remote control.

Who wants to have to get out from the comfort of your bed to have to turn the fan on or off? Simply press a button and job done. Just make sure you don’t lose the remote!

You can now go one step further and not even have to press anything with voice controlled smart fans that connect to Alexa, Siri or other smart home systems you have. These ceiling fans can also usually be controlled using an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Take a look at the brilliant Hunter Symphony if you’re in the market for a smart ceiling fan.

Sleep Timers

You probably don’t need the fan on all night. After all, if you are asleep, you won’t be as sensitive to the temperature of the room. Because of this, a lot of people opt for ceiling fans with sleep timers.

If your ceiling fan has a sleep timer, then you will be able to program it to ‘sleep’ after you have fallen asleep.

Of course, the fan can’t actually tell when you are asleep. However, you can set a sleep timer for 30 – 60 minutes (or whatever option the ceiling fan has), and hopefully you’ll be in the land of nod before it turns off.

The great benefit of this is simply saving power when the fan isn’t needed.

Quiet Operation

Nobody wants to be trying to fall asleep with irritating, loud whirring sound in their ears. Therefore, if there is one feature that you opt for in a bedroom ceiling fan, you will want to ensure that it’s quiet.

While you’re not going to find a completely silent ceiling fan, try to do your research to get one as quiet as possible, allowing you to fall asleep peacefully!

Generally, the more blades a ceiling fan has, the quieter it is. Read more about this in our post; how many blades a ceiling fan should have.

Also make sure your ceiling fan is installed and balanced correctly to ensure it doesn’t wobble and create more noise.


While ceiling fans are no longer as common as they used to be in the bedroom, they are still a very useful and stylish addition.

In fact, they make for a much cheaper alternative to an air conditioning system, or compliment them well by making them more efficient.

With hundreds of designs and options to choose from you should have no issues finding something that can match the decor of your bedroom and help you enjoy a peaceful, cool nights sleep.