Are Bathroom Wall Heaters Safe?

Bathroom with wall heater

There is nothing worse than getting out of the nice warm shower into a freezing bathroom. In the winter months we dread getting out of the shower. Bathroom wall heaters can be a lifesaver, but some people are hesitant about …

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Best Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms

Ceiling fan in bedroom

In our opinion, if there’s one room in the house that you want to keep cool, it’s going to be the bedroom. No one likes sleeping in a warm stuffy room do they? You may not always want to open …

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7 Of The Best Man Cave Ceiling Fans Ever

Man Cave Ceiling Fans

The library. The study. The shed. The bar. The sports ground. All places where, throughout history, men have been able to go and unbuckle the belt of respectability. Be themselves, unencumbered by any need for correctness, and set the animal …

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Best Garage Ceiling Fan – Our Top 9 Picks

Best Garage Ceiling Fan

It’s been a long week at work and you’ve been looking forward to getting some peace and quiet whilst tinkering with your beloved 1970’s Cadillac. You take one step into your garage and realise it must be close to 100 …

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