Most Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Energy efficient space heater

Choosing to be more energy efficient is a decision more and more people are coming to, especially when it comes to changes you can make in your own home. With global warming and other climate change concerns being brought to the forefront of conversations about energy use, people are becoming more aware of how their own …

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Best Electric Wall Heaters

There is nothing worse than feeling cold inside your own home.When the colder seasons arrive, and winter hits, you want to make sure that you have a good and strong heating system in place, so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable, instead of having to walk around wrapped up in a huge blanket all …

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Best Small Wood Stoves

Small wood stove

Warming up small rooms or cozy little cottages is becoming popular once more, with a throwback to romantic escapades to log cabins, or snuggling up in small rooms during long winter nights.A great way to heat up that space and to add a dash of old fashioned aesthetic is to use a small wood stove. …

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Best Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace insert

Nothing adds a better sense of coziness and warmth than a good old fashioned fireplace in a house.It’s the picture-perfect image, a cold winter evening with the family snuggly gathered around the fireplace in the living room, sipping on some hot chocolate and watching a film.However, we have evolved past the old fashioned traditional wood-burning …

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