Do You Need a Chimney for a Gas Fireplace?


That’s a good question and one that is often asked in the context of gas stoves and gas log sets too. We know that the traditional style of lighting a fire in the house using a wood-burning fireplace absolutely needs …

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Can You Burn Pine in a Fireplace?

Pine Wood Logs

With the abundance of pine wood, this is a common question a lot of people have. And it’s a bit of a controversy too. When you’re sitting by your fireplace with a book in hand or some music in the …

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Do Gas Fireplaces Need To Be Cleaned?

Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are a great alternative to wood fireplaces because they generate a lot of heat without the mess. You don’t need to worry about ash, coals, or any other residue from the wood. So, should you still clean your …

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