Do More Blades On A Fan Make It Cooler?

Blades on a fan make it cooler, but it takes a certain number to be effective. You can find these numbers using the Bernoulli equation for an increase in air velocity: V2 = V1+2.

Why Is My Standing Fan Making Rattling Noise?

Standing Fan

You’re not alone if you’ve noticed an unusual standing fan making rattling noise every time fan turns on. It’s a common problem and one that can be easily fixed. This blog post will show you how to clean your standing …

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Can You Put a Ceiling Fan in a Bathroom?

Ceiling fan in a bathroom

Maybe you’re looking to add a little decoration to an otherwise bland-looking bathroom, or you to make the room a little less stuffy. Either way, it begs the question of whether it’s worthwhile to put a ceiling fan in the …

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Best Wall Mounted Fan With A Remote

Wall Mounted Fan With Remote

Whether you’re looking to cool your bedroom, office, workshop or garage a wall mount fan is a great, versatile, easy to install option. They don’t take up precious floor space like floor fans, but they are easy to install unlike …

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When should I use a white ceiling fan?

White ceiling fan

White ceiling fans are one go-to item that designers admit will never fade from style. That’s true even for those who prefer elegant lighting instead of a fan. There are some solid reasons to go with a white ceiling fan …

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