Are Bathroom Wall Heaters Safe?

Bathroom with wall heater

There is nothing worse than getting out of the nice warm shower into a freezing bathroom. In the winter months we dread getting out of the shower. Bathroom wall heaters can be a lifesaver, but some people are hesitant about …

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Why Does Dust Accumulate On Ceiling Fans?

Dust on ceiling fan blades

There is a never-ending war with dust, particularly on your ceiling fan. You would think it would be less likely to gather dust because it is constantly in motion, but unfortunately, that is not the case. To minimize or entirely …

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How Do Electric Wall Heaters Work?

White wall heater

Wall heaters have evolved from radiator tube heaters made from cast iron to copper pipes through which steam or heated gas flowed. The network of metal pipes required to transfer the steam from a boiler room to each radiator heater …

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Does A Ceiling Fan Need A Wall Switch?

Wall Switch

When purchasing a new ceiling fan, whether you need a wall switch or not may not even cross your mind, but it’s an important consideration. Many fans have pull chains, remote controls, voice controls (like Alexa) and wall switches, but …

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Can You Change The Size Of Ceiling Fan Blades?

Ceiling fan installation

Ceiling fans are designed to create a downdraft of air. The ceiling blades and the electrical motor are paired to work within the torque capabilities of the electrical motor. The incorrect ceiling fan kit was installed if your ceiling fan …

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Can You Paint a Ceiling Fan?

Painting ceiling fan blades

A ceiling fan is a crucial part of any home as they circulate air and keep your rooms at a specific temperature. While most ceiling fans are designed to last for an average of 20 years, some may give out …

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Can You Paint An Electric Wall Heater?

Paint can and brush

Let’s face it, electric wall heaters and baseboard heaters will never be a decorative feature for your home. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spruce them up and improve their looks, so they fit better with the décor of …

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Wall Mounted Gas Heater Problems

Gas wall heater

Wall-mounted gas heaters are great ways to keep your home warm and cozy while keeping the electric bill low and keeping maintenance to a minimum. However, maintenance is still key to having a top-notch, optimal-performing gas heater. If your heater …

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