Wall Mounted Gas Heater Problems

Gas wall heater

Wall-mounted gas heaters are great ways to keep your home warm and cozy while keeping the electric bill low and keeping maintenance to a minimum. However, maintenance is still key to having a top-notch, optimal-performing gas heater. If your heater …

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How To Hang A Ceiling Fan Without A Stud

Ceiling fan installation

You’re staring at a drywall ceiling that’s never had a ceiling fan on it, and you’re wondering, how do you put it up there? Maybe you’ve already chosen the ideal spot for the fan—but darn it, thanks to using a …

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What Does a Ceiling Fan Capacitor Do?

Ceiling fan spinning

Many homeowners don’t take the time to understand what each component of their ceiling fan does. While this is entirely normal, it can help you learn a bit more about why the capacitor is an essential part of your fan. …

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Are ceiling fans safe?

Ceiling Fan Silhouette

It’s not often that you stumble across a case of a ceiling fan death but believe it or not, it has actually happened a few times in a freak accidents. Obviously we don’t want this to happen to you or …

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Are ceiling fans outdated and out of style?

When remodelling your home, of course you want to make it look as fantastic as possible – everyone wants to be on trend these days, and with the rise of home decor shows and blogs, a general dislike for ceiling …

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Are Ceiling Fan Blade Arms Universal?

Ceiling fan blade arms

Most people won’t know what a ceiling fan blade arm is unless theirs have broken or they’ve fancied an upgrade to some new fancy blade arms. If you’re reading this page, it’s likely you’re in one of those two categories! …

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