When should I use a white ceiling fan?

White ceiling fan

White ceiling fans are one go-to item that designers admit will never fade from style. That’s true even for those who prefer elegant lighting instead of a fan. There are some solid reasons to go with a white ceiling fan …

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Can You Paint a Ceiling Fan?

Painting ceiling fan blades

A ceiling fan is a crucial part of any home as they circulate air and keep your rooms at a specific temperature. While most ceiling fans are designed to last for an average of 20 years, some may give out …

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Can You Paint An Electric Wall Heater?

Paint can and brush

Let’s face it, electric wall heaters and baseboard heaters will never be a decorative feature for your home. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spruce them up and improve their looks, so they fit better with the décor of …

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The Ultimate Guide To Interior Design Styles

INTRODUCTION The thought of buying a house and styling it just the way you want to is an exciting thing to think about, but when it comes to it you realize that you don’t actually know where to start. Before …

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What Color Ceiling Fan Should You Buy?

Colorful ceiling fan

As Laurie and Hildy went about uprooting clunky, wobbly ceiling fans from homes in ‘Trending Spaces’, little did we know that the fixture was being falsely maligned for being an eyesore. Cut to today, ceiling fans are fast becoming the …

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