Brightwatts Ceiling Fan Review – Energy Efficient 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are the center point of the room so you want them to be stylish while also being efficient with airflow and lighting.

The Brightwatts ceiling fan accomplishes all that and more at an affordable price. This beautiful ceiling fan has hand painted Nutmeg Espresso wooden blades on an oil rubbed bronze fixture with a simple white glass light bowl. You cannot go wrong choosing this fan for your space.

Why Choose The BrightWatts Ceiling Fan?

Need to replace the shaky ceiling fan in your bedroom? Looking for a beautiful ceiling fan at an affordable price? Need to upgrade the ceiling fan in your living room to one with better lighting? Building a new home and need a fan for every room on a budget? Look no further. This ceiling fan is the perfect choice to meet all these needs and more. At such an affordable price, you may expect this fan to perform poorly compared to other fans, but that is not the case.

Unlike other fans in this price range, this fan has a quiet motor while running and warm LED lighting that is easy on the eyes. Even at the highest speed setting, this fan is barely heard and does not shake. The energy efficient lighting uses only 17 watts which is low compared to other ceiling fans which use up to 60 watts. Even at this low wattage, the whole room will be lit nicely.

Key features of the BrightWatts ceiling fan

  • Beautiful Nutmeg Espresso, hand painted wooden blades
  • Quiet airflow design
  • Energy efficient using only 17 watts
  • Size: 52 inches
  • Ideal for rooms up to 400 sq. ft.
  • Mounting: Down Rod, Flush Mount, or Angle Mount
  • Variable speed with pull chains
  • High-speed= 5509 CFM’s
Energy Efficient 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan with Nutmeg Espresso Blades and White Glass Light Bowl


Affordable price

There are numerous perks of this ceiling fan but number one advantage is the affordable price. At this amazing price point you wouldn’t expect it to look so nice or come with as many quality advantages as it does. With such a great deal, you’ll want to order one for every room in your home.

Easy to Install

This ceiling fan is also easy to install with clear, simple instructions. The instructions include pictures to help you along the way. But, if you still have trouble, there are even more detailed instructions and videos available online. Even a novice DIYer can install this fan with great success. It will be a bit of a more complex procedure if you are installing the far where no fixture exists currently.

Good for winter and summer

The motor is able to be run in reverse in the winter so it can send warm air down from the ceiling to keep your home cozy from the cold.

Read more about how ceiling fans can help in the winter.

Quiet & Efficient

As mentioned above, the energy efficient lighting and quiet motor are two more excellent advantages. Even the highest speed at 5509 CFM’s is still and quiet while sending down a strong air flow. This ceiling fan will be a beautiful fixture in your home without being distracting.

LED Lights

The LED lights are an Integrated LED Module design meaning you won’t be changing bulbs regularly. This LED design will shine without fading for up to 50,000 hours. That is likely over a decade of light without the fuss of changing the bulbs. This is especially a perk for rooms with high ceilings where bulbs are difficult to access regularly. Another benefit of this Integrated LED Module design is that the light is hidden nicely under the white glass bowl. This fan won’t have ugly bulbs pointing right at you like many others. The bowl helps the light diffuse evenly across the room.

If you ever do need to replace the bulbs, here’s our list of the best LED bulbs for ceiling fans.

Easy to mount

Instructions are provided for any kind of mounting you may need: down rod, flush, or angle mount. The install is quick and simple for all three.

Find out what a flush mount ceiling fan is here.

Pull Chain

Sturdy pull chains make it easy to toggle the fan or light on or off. This is especially important if your ceiling fan will be connected to a single light switch rather than a double switch. If you do have a double switch, this fan is easy to connect to that system as well.

Great to look at

The beautiful oiled bronze fixture with nutmeg espresso blades is sure to blend well with most decor. This fan is stylish and classy without distracting from the beauty in the rest of the room.


No remote

This affordable fan has far more pros than cons. But, it’s important to note that this fan doesn’t come with a remote. This helps to keep the price affordable for such a beautiful, quality fan. If a remote is needed, one can be purchased from Brightwatts and connected easily.

In Conclusion

Whatever your reason is for needing a new ceiling fan, the Brightwatts ceiling fan provides an easy, quality upgrade at an incredible value. Order yours today and start enjoying your transformed space. After you install the first one, you’ll want to order one for every room in your home.

Energy Efficient 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan with Nutmeg Espresso Blades and White Glass Light Bowl
  • Includes integrated light kit that is cased in elegant White Finish
  • Designed for large rooms up to 400 sq. Feet and equipped with installer's choice position mounting system...
  • The Indoor Ceiling Fan delivers ultra-powerful air movement, so you get the cooling power you want.
  • The motor can be run in reverse to aid operation in winter to move warm air down from the ceiling.
  • 37 Year in Ceiling Fan and Solar Industry (Not Fly By Night)