Best Fireplace Inserts

Nothing adds a better sense of coziness and warmth than a good old fashioned fireplace in a house.

It’s the picture-perfect image, a cold winter evening with the family snuggly gathered around the fireplace in the living room, sipping on some hot chocolate and watching a film.

However, we have evolved past the old fashioned traditional wood-burning fireplace, for the most part, in favor of fireplace inserts. The main reason for this change is efficiency so that modern-day homes can enjoy the warmth of fireplaces without the downsides they come with.

Old fireplaces, although excellent at making you feel warm, are not actually that efficient. They pull in the air from the room, and they lose a lot of heat in the process, some of it escaping through the chimney and some of it adhering to the materials surrounding the fireplace. 

What fireplaces have done is turn the fireplace into a fire-proof box, surrounded by steel or cast iron, and sealed with a layer of insulated glass. This turns it into a closed combustion system, which is much more efficient at producing heat for the room without losing as much in the process.

It also becomes a lot safer for modern home use, as there is no danger of any rogue burning logs to roll out into the living room, or of any sparks flying out to catch anything on fire. 

But with so many options for fireplace inserts in the market, which one should you buy?

We’ve compiled a list with our top picks, chosen by comparing quality, efficiency, and customer reviews and ratings.

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Best Fireplace Inserts - Reviews

The PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert is our top overall choice, with excellent quality and a great design.

PuraFlame is a well-known brand that has been manufacturing fireplace inserts for over 15 years, with a great reputation amongst professionally designed homes, and for having a reliable and high level of quality.

It’s designed to look like a real wood-burning fireplace, despite being completely electric. It has a real-looking pile of resin logs sitting on a bed of fake embers, with flame effects that can also be used even when you’re not turning on the heat. 

It has three different flame settings, with adjustable intensity and brightness, usable with or without the heat. It has a three-sided brick wall interior and a clean glass front trim design that doesn’t need dusting or cleaning, as there are no real ashes to deal with.

The thermostat that controls the heat feature is adjustable, with remote control included for easy use. It is really easy to install and uninstall, as it has a flat bottom that can sit directly on the floor.

Then you just plug it in and it’s ready to go! 

Even better, is that it has a 100% energy-saving LED technology! 


  • Excellent quality and design.
  • Looks like a real wood-burning fireplace.
  • 3 different flame settings.
  • 100% energy-saving LED technology
  • Three-sided brick wall interior


  • Cannot be used as the only source of heat

If you’re looking for a more practical, sleek, and attractive modern design for your fireplace insert, then the R.W.FLAME electric fireplace is the one for you.

It’s very thin, and can therefore be mounted on any wall without it taking up too much outward space. It’s very easy to install, requiring no professional help for it.

It’s also extremely easy to use, with intuitive touch screen buttons and remote control.

It has an incredible array of different modes, with 12 flames and LED flame color bed settings, 5 different flame speeds, 5 different flame brightness levels, and a special automatic flame setting in which the color and brightness changes. 

It has two different energy-saving settings to help save warmth and energy, making it highly efficient. It also has an auto-heat kill feature, to avoid superheating a room dangerously.

Safety is completely ensured, as it is ETL Certificate approved, and there’s also a one year warranty just in case you have any technical issues with the product.

It’s overall a powerful and efficient fireplace insert that looks sleek and modern in any room or wall.


  • Practical, sleek, and modern design
  • Very thin and easy to install
  • Multiple of these fans can be operated by just one remote control.
  • A huge amount of different settings and flame modes
  • ETL Certificate Approved
  • Two different energy and warmth saving modes


  • Doesn’t look like a real fire

The Homedex Electric Fireplace Insert is the perfect option for making your house feel homely, with a focus on comfort and an ambient experience that is really easy to use and highly efficient.

It’s been deemed perfect for family rooms where you’re wanting to add an extra touch of calm and relax. It has two different heat modes, high and low, and the temperature is also adjustable to suit your preferences.

There’s also a timer feature so that you can set the fireplace to turn off after a set amount of time. 

The Ultra High-Intensity LED lights allow for a very realistic flame effect, with nine different settings that can be used separately from the heat. You can keep the flames on even when it’s hot, just for chill purposes!

There are also two different options for the ember bed: a realistic-looking log set, or crystal stones. It has an in-wall recessed installation, and if you cause any damage during the set-up process you receive a free replacement that lasts for a year after the purchase.

Overall, it’s a great option for achieving a cozy and atmospheric effect in your family living room!


  • Excellent for ambiance
  • Adjustable temperature and turn-off timer feature
  • 9 different flame settings and 2 different ember beds
  • Ultra High-Intensity LED lights


  • Not as durable as other fireplace inserts

The Valuxhome Electric Fireplace Insert is another great option for those that would rather have a fireplace that resembles a traditional wood-burning fire, or that at least comes close to doing so.

With this fireplace, the room will be warm within minutes, which is a great relief on those cold days in which you want to get home and warm up as fast as possible.

It features life-like resin logs for realism, that sit on a bed of embers. The brightness of the flames is adjustable, as well as having three different atmosphere lights.

An added feature this fireplace has is a log speaker that produces a crackling fire sound that can be turned off if wanted. 

There are two different heat options available, with a built-in timer so that the fireplace turns off at a set time, between one and nine hours.

It’s very easy to install and can be used all-year-round as the heat and flame settings are separate. The LED light technology that it uses is energy-saving and efficient, and there’s also an auto-heat turn off feature to avoid overheating the room.

An overall good option for a realistic-looking fireplace that is practical and safe to use.


  • Resembles a real wood-burning fire
  • 3 different atmosphere lights
  • 2 different heat options with timer
  • Energy-saving LED light technology


  • The crackling fire sound is unrealistic

The Giantex Electric Fireplace Insert is yet another option that favors a realistic-looking fire. It’s versatile in its installation and very easy to set up, making it a great choice for any room of the house.

It comes with three different flame color options: orange, blue, and a mix of both. There are also five different brightness settings for the flames, and they can be used separately from the heating so that you can create that fireplace atmosphere all year round!

The heat is adjustable to your preferred temperature, and it also comes with an intelligent thermostat system that monitors the best temperature levels for the room.

The timer can be used to pre-select not only when the fireplace turns off, but also when it turns on. 

It is ETL Certified Approved, making it completely safe to use. With manual and remote control, and a heat protection feature that ensures there is no dangerous overheating in the room.


  • 3 different flame colors and 5 brightness settings
  • Intelligent thermostat system
  • ETL Certified Approved
  • Easy to install with realistic-looking flames


  • Not as versatile as other fireplace inserts

Best Fireplace Inserts Buyer’s Guide

Buying a fireplace insert is a great idea and a great way to provide an atmosphere of warmth and coziness in your home.

They’re really easy to install and use, and are completely safe and mess-free. They provide warmth and they can often look like traditional wood-burning fires. 

If you’re looking to buy your first fireplace insert and you’re not sure about what to look out for to choose the best option, this little buyer’s guide will help you understand the basics on fireplaces and the factors to consider when purchasing one. 

Types of Fireplace Inserts:

The first thing you need to know is that there are three different types of fireplace inserts: electric, gas, and wood. 

Electric fireplace inserts are by far the simplest and most convenient type and the most popular amongst customers. They’re easy to install, completely safe, and just require to be plugged in, as there is no combustion involved.

A huge benefit of electric fireplaces is that they can also be used for aesthetic and ambiance purposes, as the flames can be turned on separately from the heat, meaning you could have the “fire” burning during summer, without the fireplace producing heat. 

Gas fireplace inserts need to be professionally installed, as they require a gas insert to work. They’re extremely efficient when it comes to producing heat and can easily warm up a room without the need for any other source of warmth.

However, a gas leak is incredibly difficult to detect and they can therefore be extremely dangerous and deadly if not paired with a carbon monoxide detector. 

A wood fireplace insert is the most similar to the traditional wood fireplaces. So while it looks a lot more authentic, it is the least efficient of all three types.

It is also messy, needs regular upkeep, and it wastes a lot of the fuel through the chimney emissions. In some places, homeowners might need a permit to use them, as they cause air pollution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do fireplace inserts warm up the entire room?

The average fireplace insert can heat up a space of up to around 400ft, providing warmth with an adjustable temperature.

However, some fireplace inserts aren’t powerful enough to be used as the only heat source during colder weather and serve more as an added source of warmth alongside your primary heating system.