Best Electric Wall Heaters

There is nothing worse than feeling cold inside your own home.

When the colder seasons arrive, and winter hits, you want to make sure that you have a good and strong heating system in place, so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable, instead of having to walk around wrapped up in a huge blanket all the time.

Radiators and home heaters have evolved a lot, becoming a lot smaller and sleeker, as well as a lot more efficient. They’re also a lot more powerful and can heat up bigger spaces, and are often adjustable so that the heating is up to the perfect temperature for you.

Electric wall heaters are some of the most efficient and easy to use heaters, and they look sleek on any wall, while warming up the house. The best thing about electric heaters, is that they can be mounted anywhere near a plug, as they just need electricity to work.

If you’re on the look for one and you’re struggling with the vast amount of options and choices in the market, then you can check out our list of top picks, based on product quality and description, and customer reviews and ratings.

And to help you out with understanding the factors to consider when choosing an electric wall heater, we’ve also put together a small buyer’s guide at the bottom of this article.

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Best Electric Wall Heaters - Reviews

Heat Storm is a popular and reliable brand that offers many different home heater options, all of them meeting great standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

The HS-1500 electric wall heater is our overall best choice for this list, as it covers all the basics and is highly efficient and convenient for a comfortable home use.

As it mounts on the wall, it saves floor space and it’s perfect for any room of the house. What makes it extremely comfortable to use, is that it is WIFI enabled, allowing you to control the temperature adjustments from your phone!

With 1500 watts of power, it will warm up your house with ease, and it is completely safe, even with children around, as it remains cool to the touch.

Even the wall it is mounted on remains cool, therefore ensuring no damage is caused by heat. It is also completely ETL certified for safe use.

It is also highly energy efficient, as Heat Storm products use a patented HMS dual wall technology. This heater is ideal for providing efficient heating while being completely hassle-free and safe for every room of the house!


  • Reliable and popular brand
  • WIFI enabled to control temperature from phone
  • 1500 watts of power
  • ETL Certified for safe use
  • Energy efficient HMS dual wall technology

The Deluxe Wall Heater is another outstanding product by Heat Storm, highly effective at heating up a room while keeping up with maximum comfort of use, convenience and quality.

The heat it produces not only warms up the air in the room, but the objects in it, meaning the space remains heated up and cozy even after you’ve turned the heating off.

The grills of the heater, however, always remain cool to the touch for safety, and it has an automatic shut-off feature to ensure the room doesn’t overheat to dangerous levels. 

This heater mounts on the wall, which saves floor space and makes it viable for any room of the house. A LED display shows the ambient temperature and allows you to regulate and adjust the temperature settings.

It also comes with a remote control to control it from a distance, and it goes into dark mode after 5 minutes of inactivity.

To look extra sleek and elegant, once plugged in you can hide the cord behind the heater!

Just like the rest of Heat Storm products, it is completely ETL certified and it comes with the energy efficient HMS dual wall technology. 


  • Reliable and popular brand
  • LED display for settings control with remote control included
  • ETL Certified
  • Energy efficient HMS dual wall technology
  • Highly efficient heating system

The Cadet Com-Pak Electric Wall Heater is the perfect choice for those looking for a small heater design that will take up minimum space while being just as effective in regards to heating.

It’s designed to be extremely compact, mounting on the wall in a discreet manner that looks sleek and saves a lot of space. It’s highly efficient, with a fast heating up feature that gets the room temperature up in no time.

The fan that spreads the heat is super quiet, and there are safety features that ensure the heater turns off if the temperature levels become dangerously high.

It also has a small thermostat for you to control the temperature settings, so the room temperature is always right for you. It’s also a really easy heater to install, as it only takes three screws and a steady hand.

Minimalist, small, and powerful, with 1500 watt power for a fast distribution of heat around the room. Apt for any room of the house, it’s an excellent choice to keep your home warm.


  • Compact and minimalistic design
  • Heats up the room very fast
  • Thermostat to adjust temperature
  • Extremely easy to install

The King PAW Electric Wall Heater is an extremely versatile product, able to adapt to the temperature and heating requirements of each room, so that it achieves the best possible results depending on where you place it.

It has multiple wattage options to allow for such an adaptable efficiency, so that it works for both large and smaller areas. While being a powerful heater, it is also extremely quiet, thanks to the whisper quiet squirrel cage blower.

It comes with a patented Smart Limit Protection system, to ensure the room never overheats to dangerous levels of high temperatures, so you can rest assured that it is completely safe to leave it on for long periods of time.

It’s also an extremely durable heater, so it will serve you well for many years, reliable in its efficiency and resistant to time.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Multiple wattage options for room adaptability
  • Whisper quiet Squirrel Cage Blower for silence
  • Smart Limit Protection system
  • Reliable and durable

The Broan-NuTone 9815WH electric wall heater is another excellent choice for those that are looking for a discreet heating system that does its job quietly and out of the way.

It is a very compact and minimalistic design, which mounts onto any wall in any room in a discreet manner.

It is highly efficient at warming up a room, with 1500 watts of power and a rapid warming up time thanks to an efficient alloy heating element.

It’s UL listed for safety and safe efficient use at home, and it also shuts off in the case of overheating. You can rest assured that this is a reliable heater that can be left on at home without it posing a danger.

The motor is quiet, so you won’t even notice the heater in the room, and it will easily keep the room temperature constant and stable, with a thermostat button to adjust the settings you want.

It is very easy to install and doesn’t require any professional assistance, and it is also very reliable with a long life-span compared to other products. 


  • Compact and minimalistic design
  • Rapid warming time and efficient heating
  • UL listed for safe use
  • Thermostat button for temperature adjustment

Best Electric Wall Heaters Buying Guide

Buying an electric wall heater is an excellent choice for an efficient and convenient source of heating in your house, while being easy to use and easy to install, all you need is to plug it in!

They’re an increasingly popular choice, with more and more brands designing different options available in the market.

However, with so many increasing options and types of heaters, it can be a bit overwhelming to try and buy one while being certain it’s the right one for your home and use.

To help you understand the basics and point out the main factors to consider when buying the right electric wall heater, we’ve written up this small buyer’s guide for you. 

Room Size

Depending on the room you’re planning to place your heater in, you’ll have to look for a bigger or smaller size so that you ensure that the entire room gets heated properly and the heater has enough power and capability to do so. 

Some electric wall heaters are highly versatile and can adapt their wattage power to function in both small and large rooms, which is something you might want to look out for if you’re not sure about the type of room you’ll use it in or you’re thinking of swapping it around now and then. 

Settings and temperature adjustment

Your heater should be easy and simple to control and adjust. Most heaters have a simple thermostat button that you can rotate to choose the temperature of the what output.

Some heaters have a LED display screen with more settings and they’re easier to control.

And some heaters even have a WIFI enabled connection directly to your phone so you can adjust and control the settings from wherever you are. 

Safety features

When installing an electric wall heater in your home it’s important to check that it’s up to date on all the safety regulations and that it’s apt for home use, as you want to be able to feel safe.

Most heaters have an automatic shut-down feature in which they turn off as soon as the room begins to overheat or exceeds maximum recommended temperatures, which is great for leaving them on for long periods of time without having to worry.

You should check what safety certificates or approvals the heater has, and whether it remains cool to the touch while it warms up the room air. This is especially important if you have children or pets, as you don’t want them to accidentally touch the heater and get burnt from it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you leave electric wall heaters on all night?

Wall mounted electric wall heaters that have safety features, such as the automatic shut-down, are perfectly safe to be left unattended and on during the night.

However, simpler electric heaters that don’t come with the necessary safety features should never be left unattended, as they could prove to be a fire hazard within a home environment.