Best Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms

In our opinion, if there’s one room in the house that you want to keep cool, it’s going to be the bedroom. No one likes sleeping in a warm stuffy room do they?

Ceiling fan in bedroom

You may not always want to open the window, to let the room cool down that way, so how can you help the situation?

A nice ceiling fan is the solution –  the air they circulate can make a room feel three to four degrees cooler. And there are some great ceiling fans for the bedroom out there on the market today. 

We know, we’ve been checking them out and we’d like to show you some of our favorites, which we’re going to come to very shortly.  

And after that we’ve also got a buying guide for you which is super handy because it goes through everything that you might want to think about before you buy.

We also have a brief section where we answer some your most frequently asked questions on the subject.

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Best Ceiling Fans For A Bedroom – Comparison Table

reiga 52-in Bright White Ceiling Fan with Dimmable LED Light Kit Remote Control Modern Blades Reversible DC Motor, 6-speed, Timer
Reiga Ceiling Fan with Noiseless Motor
reiga 52-in Bright White Ceiling Fan with Dimmable LED Light Kit Remote Control Modern Blades Reversible DC Motor, 6-speed, Timer
Reiga Ceiling Fan with Noiseless Motor

Best Ceiling Fans For Bedroom – Reviews

Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Light

Hunter Indoor Wifi Ceiling Fan

Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control, 54', Nickel

This is a great ceiling fan from Hunter!

Not only does it come with Hunter’s much loved whisper quiet motor, but can still work it when you can’t find the remote.  That’s because you can hook it up with your Alexa, if you have one, or alternatively to your smartphone.

All you need to do is download Hunter’s SIMPLEconnect Wi-Fi app, and then through that you can control your fan speed and the dimmable light – set your mood for the evening.  The app is available on both iOS and Google Play.

We love the fact that the motor is reversible, it means that you can change the direction of the fan’s movements so you can set it to blow cooler air in the summer, and rotate warmer air around in the winter.

It has just 3 blades, which helps it achieve that ultra modern look.  And the nickel version would look good in any bedroom.  Or you could go for black if you prefer.

At 54 inches it’s big enough and powerful enough to cool down even a large bedroom.  

It comes with a downrod mount, and the installation is actually quite easy.  The smart home integrations are already built into the fan.


  • Operate via an app
  • Operate via Alexa
  • Ultra modern look
  • Reversible rotation

Best Ceiling Fan For Bedroom With Remote

Honeywell 50195 Rio Ceiling Fan

If you have a large bedroom to keep cool, you could make the most of what modern technology has to offer and get this fan from great brand Honeywell, which works via your Alexa device.

For such a high tech piece of kit, it comes at a very reasonable price, cheaper than a number of other ceiling fans from this brand in fact.

It looks super modern too, especially the white version and the oil rubbed bronze.  But if you didn’t fancy that you could opt for the brushed nickel which also looks very smart.  A good choice for the style conscious.

The motor is really quiet, as are the blades, so you can expect for the fan not to disturb your sleep.

There are 3 different speeds you can set it, and you can also select which way you want the fan to turn.  This is great because when it gets cold you can use it to rotate warmer air around.

And there are different settings for the light too, like dimmer, or “walk away light delay” which gives you a chance to find your way out of the room before the light goes off.

It’s a large fan with 54 inch blades, so it’s better for medium and large size rooms.  And it comes with a downrod, should you need one for mounting.

While the fan does take a chunk of time to install, syncing it with your Alexa is quick and easy.

And if that’s not enough it all comes backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Works with Alexa!
  • Walk away light delay
  • Reverse direction setting
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

Best Quiet Ceiling Fan For Bedroom

Reiga Ceiling Fan with Noiseless Motor

reiga 52-in Bright White Ceiling Fan with Dimmable LED Light Kit Remote Control Modern Blades Reversible DC Motor, 6-speed, Timer

They may not be as well known a brand as Honeywell or Hunter, but they sure ought to be.
Regia has done an amazing job with this ceiling fan.  

It’s motor is noiseless rather than whisper quiet, which is no mean feat.  Of course that doesn’t mean to say the blades won’t make a noise.  But even the blades are super quiet.  Just what you need when you’re trying to sleep!

We love it’s summer and winter modes – in the summer you can run it counterclockwise to create a cooling effect, while in winter you can run it clockwise instead to distribute warmer air.

There are some other great settings on the remote control too.  You can change the appearance of the light, not just the brightness, so you can have bright white light, warm white light, or a yellow light.  Totally adjust the lightness according to what you’re doing and what mood you want to set.

With regards to the fan settings, there are 6 different options for the wind speed.  But what we love is the timer options – you can set it to only come on when you need it.  So you can choose whether to only have it on when you’re awake or have it on the whole time you’re asleep.

It has a very contemporary look about it, unless you go for the hand painted option which has a more wooden look to it.

It’s 52 inches wide, which makes it suitable for rooms of about 100 to 250 square feet, possibly larger.


  • Super quiet
  • Reversible motor
  • Change the light
  • Timer options

There’s a lot to love about this ceiling fan!

First of all, this ceiling fan, like all Hunter ceiling fans, really is whisper quiet – which is exactly what you need in the bedroom when you’re trying to sleep.  It’s all thanks to their whisper wind motor, which is backed by a lifetime warranty.  Even though you get ultra powerful air flow (of 69 cubic feet per minute per watt). 

And being all white, it will look good in any bedroom.  It has quite the understated look, a look they class as contemporary, but not so modern you’d get confused how to work it.

In fact you can operate it by remote – save you having to get out of bed at night to turn it on or off.  And it’s not just for turning on and off – you can adjust the speed, if you need it to cool you down a bit more.

But that’s not all, you can also use the remote to adjust the brightness of the fan’s light.  The LED light bulb kit comes with the fan, and the bulbs supplied are energy efficient, so they’ll not only reduce your energy bills, but they’ll also last longer than regular light bulbs.

There’s a wall mounted cradle for the remote included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about groping for it in the dark.

It’s 44 inches wide, which is a nice size for a bedroom, and there are just 4 blades, which as we mention in our buying guide is the ideal number for getting the air circulated without being too loud.

This fan is specifically designed for rooms with a lower ceiling of 9 foot or less.


  • Great value for money
  • Energy efficient bulbs
  • Just 4 blades
  • Includes cradle for remote

Here’s a great option for those who like a more traditional looking ceiling fan, with gorgeous cimarron/ironwood blades and oil rubbed bronze for the fan’s light fixture, while there’s a frosted, cased white glass bowl for the light itself.

You can mount it as you see fit, flush mount, downrod or angled.

It’s 48 inches wide in total, big enough to cool down medium size rooms such as bedrooms, or larger bedrooms.  

It has 5 blades in total, and as we mention in our buying guide having more blades means less noise.  But Honeywell’s fans always tend to be fairly quiet anyway.

There’s 3 different speed settings you can choose from, and you can even set the fan to reverse, to better aid warm air rotation around the room in Winter.

And there are different settings for the light too – you can set it on dim, or there’s even a “walk away light delay” option.

It’s great value for money, and it comes fully backed by Honeywell’s lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Traditional appearance
  • Reversible rotation
  • Cool enough for large bedrooms
  • “Walk away light delay” option

Bedroom Ceiling Fan Buyers Guide

Ok, as promised, here’s your complete buying guide for your bedroom ceiling fan.

How quiet is it?

This will be one of your first considerations.  When you’re trying your best to get to sleep, the last thing you want is a machine running so loudly overhead that you can’t hear yourself think.  To be able to get to sleep you need to drown out all the noises in the vicinity, including your ceiling fan.

Does it have a light?

Most ceiling fans these days come with lights.  Which makes sense because people usually prefer to have their ceiling fans in a central location, where you’d also want your central overhead light.  Because of this, all of the ceiling fans in our top 5 picks have at least one light.

If you want to upgrade the light in your current ceiling fan, take a look at our guide on the best LED light bulbs.

Remote control

When you’re dead tired in the middle of the night, the last thing you want is to have to get out of bed just to switch off the ceiling fan.  We’re big fans of Alexa operated gadgets, but in the absence of a voice activated ceiling fan, the best alternative is to go for one with a remote control, whether it works by bluetooth or wifi.

Modern vs Traditional

How you want your ceiling fan to look all comes down to your personal taste.  It’s not for us to say which is best.  If you’re just moving in and you intend to makeover your whole room, then your options are pretty wide open.  But if you already like the look of your bedroom, then you may be more concerned about getting a ceiling fan that looks right against the rest of the room’s decor.

We tried to incorporate different styles of ceiling fan into our top 5 picks.

Blade Size

When choosing the right ceiling fan for you, you should keep in mind the size of the room.  The bigger the room, the bigger a blade size you can go with.  You can get ones with blades of just 36 inches or under, right up to 66 inches and upwards.

A good general rule to follow is for any room larger than 300 square feet, use at least a 52 inch or larger fan.  (However the average house bedroom is just 219 square feet.)

You’ll also want to make sure your fan has at least 2 foot clearance from any wall (or anything else).

Still not sure? Read our guide here on how ceiling fans are measured.

Number of Blades

Funnily enough, the more blades a fan has, the quieter it will be. However, you should also note that having more blades can increase the drag on the fan’s motor.  In our view, for the perfect balance between the amount of air circulated and the amount of ambient noise, about 4 blades is best, with 5 blades as the next most preferable choice.

We’ve got a great article on how many blades a ceiling fan should have if you are interested in finding our more.


For low ceilings, of say about 8 foot, it’s best to get flush mounting on your ceiling fan if you can, in order to keep the fan as close to the ceiling as possible.

For taller ceilings however, there’s downrod mounting, whereby a bar protrudes from the ceiling and drops the fan downward.  Remember to check this bar is included in the price when you buy.


Some ceiling fans have reversible motors, and this is a great feature if your home tends to feel cool sometimes rather than just warm.  A reversible motor allows the blades of the fan to turn around and move in the opposite direction.  This way rather than always moving cooler air toward you, you can set it up to circulate warm air, come summer time, in the other direction


There are two brands that currently dominate the market in ceiling fans at the moment, and they are Hunter and Honeywell.  In our view they are two of the best ceiling fan brands out there, and it’s no surprise to us that their ceiling fans make up most of the best seller lists with online retailers.  In fact most of our top 5 picks come from these brands.

Pest control

If you’re one of those people that seem to attract mosquitoes, you’ll be pleased to know that ceiling fans can help keep mosquitoes away!

Answers to your most frequently asked questions