Best Ceiling Fan Brands: Our Top 12

If you need a new ceiling fan and have been looking around the market a little, you’ll have seen that there is a lot of competition out there and countless models to choose from.

The market has grown significantly within the past decade, and it is full of high-quality designs for you to choose from. Instead of a few market leaders like most industries, the ceiling fan one has many brands all performing at the same high level.

Ceiling fan in lounge

Having said that, all of these brands are creating different ceiling fans for different purposes. Some are better suited for outdoor use, while others have more impressive light fixtures. Some don’t offer lighting at all, and some others are very innovative and don’t even resemble the traditional ceiling fan.

Below we’ve picked out the top 12 ceiling fan brands for you to look at to prevent your search becoming hours long. There is a lot of choice here, and we’re hopeful that you’ll find the next brand you’ll be buying from within this list.

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Best Ceiling Fan Brands – Reviews

Casablanca Fan Company

Casablanca Durant Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light and Pull Chain Control

Starting off this list is the Casablanca Fan Company, a highly rated and renowned brand who put energy efficiency first when it comes to their fans. This top manufacturer offers extremely powerful motors without too much noise.

This means that you can have your fan running at the top speed without getting annoyed at that signature humming noise that you get with many other ceiling fans.

One impressive thing to note about Casablanca Fan Company is that they give you the opportunity to customize your ceiling fan to go with the look of your house. This includes changing the blades, controls, or lighting kits.

If you choose one fan and don’t end up liking it, you don’t have to buy a whole new model.

Their first ceiling fan was released onto the market in 1974, which was a belt-driven model designed for commercial properties.

Since then, they have expanded into making residential properties as well. Instead of just seeing a ceiling fan, they see a piece of furniture.

This means that they put much more effort into their designs and really think about the bigger picture.

Casablanca Fan Company’s ethos ensures that they won’t compromise their main focus to fall in line with the market average standards.

They do this because they believe that their own standards are superior to the market standards, so following these would be a setback.

Quorum International

Quorum International Windmill 72' Ceiling Fan - Oiled Bronze - 97215-86

Quorum International is based in Fort Worth, Texas, and it has been specializing in ceiling fan manufacturing since 1981. They offer almost 400 different models and cater to almost every homeowner out there.

Perhaps their best selling fan is the Windmill Ceiling Fan, which offers lots of closely positioned blades that offer a much larger breeze that traditional five-blade ceiling fans.

Quorum International’s fans come in a range of different colors and use different materials to ensure that they fit in with a vast range of interior design themes and vibes.

As you can see from the Windmill Ceiling Fan, Quorum International offer a range of unique ceiling fans for homeowners who want a fresh spin on a traditional piece.

Veterans of the market, Kichler has been designing and creating ceiling fans since 1938, making them one of the oldest brands within the industry.

With age comes trust, establishment, and loyalty. Thanks to the devoted fanbase, Kichler remains one of the market leaders in the ceiling fan world.

They have an elaborate line of ceiling fans for you to choose from, each of which coming in a range of sizes, colors, and finishes. This means that you can choose and customize your own ceiling fan to ensure it matches your room perfectly.

You can get both indoor and outdoor fans from Kichler. No matter what fan you choose, they all come with CoolTouch Controls, which Kichler developed and trademarked, as well as coordinated lighting.

A slightly newer brand now, Craftmade was founded in 1985. They offer no-nonsense ceiling fans that suit people who like a simple and effective choice, with no bells or whistles.

Their fans are simply durable, easy to use, and provide a cool environment for you and your family. Craftmade offer a vast array of ceiling fans, making one guaranteed to fit the look and feel that you are going for.

Not only do the models work very well and fit seamlessly with your interior decor, but they also save you energy so that you don’t get any nasty surprises with your bills.

The big selection that Craftmade offers is full of traditional fans, modern, and contemporary styles as well. Some differ greatly from each other and some are more similar, but they all have their standout features.

Craftmade made it their goal to bring more knowledge and wisdom to the industry, and you can definitely see this in their portfolio of options.

Ellington ceiling fans are actually made by Craftmade, meaning that you’re going to be getting the same high-quality type of models from Ellington as you would Craftmade.

This collection offers lovely traditionally inspired ceiling fans, with warm-toned woods to perfectly compliment your rooms and houses.

Ceiling fans can give a room a rustic feel to it, and a model from Ellington really amps this vibe up.

If you want a traditional looking ceiling fan but still want to enjoy the new technology now available, Ellington is an excellent brand to buy from.

Minka Aire is a ceiling fan brand created by the Minka Group, who set their goal as to redefine the ‘art of air management’.

Each of their fans are uniquely designed and innovative, and there are many different collections to choose from. Some say that Minka Aire fans are the most modern designed ceiling fans on the market, and we’d have to agree with them.

If you want a ceiling fan that reminds you of a work of art rather than a simple fan, Minka Aire is the brand for you. In particular, a fan found in the George Kovacs collection quickly becomes a statement piece within your home.

One that stood out to us is the Minka-Aire Light Wave Ceiling Fan.

The first word that comes to mind when looking at Monte Carlo ceiling fans is beautiful. There are many different collections for you to browse through, each model as lovely as the last.

Many of their ceiling fans only offers three blades, which is different from the norm and instantly increases the attractiveness of the design.

You can choose between metal and wood tones, depending on the theme of your house. Monte Carlo offers both indoor and outdoor fans, catering to everyone with all different needs.

This is all impressive, however, the real star of the show is Monte Carlo’s petite or mini fans. Their sizes can go as small as 20 inches, so you can really add a ceiling fan to even the smallest room in your house.

If you’ve ever wanted a ceiling fan but were worried about the size of them potentially overpowering your room and making it look even smaller, Monte Carlo mini fans have you covered.

Fanimation does not conform to the norm of ceiling fans and actually focuses more on the stylistic choices rather than the traditional five-blade option.

If the style of your fan doesn’t bother you much, you may think that Fanimation are not the right fit for you.

However, we guarantee that the energy-efficient properties included with each of these fans will draw you right back in.

Innovative is Fanimation’s middle name and if this is what you’re looking for, you won’t find any better than right here. They have windmill ceiling fans, vintage fans, propeller models as well as many more. Take a look at their collection on offer right now, you won’t be disappointed.

Fanimation also offers a great range of wet-rated ceiling fans, which are designed to withstand exposure to wet conditions such as rain and snow.

This means that you can use them in gazebos, porches, and other outdoor locations. These come in different sizes up to 84 inches, so they can be used in even the largest of spaces.

Hunter like to provide their customers with a lot of options to choose from. For example, you can choose to purchase your favorite model with or without a light fixture.

Moreover, you can choose whether you want a remote control or not, and how profiled you want your ceiling fan to be. They also offer a small range of outdoor ceiling fans as well, in case you need one of those.

The running theme that you can see through all of the different fans that they offer is considered rustic, so these fans would be ideal for houses that offer a homely and simple feel.

They also often come equipped with traditional glass shades that you’d be able to find on vintage models.

Hunter ceiling fans will suit anyone who wants a smart, traditional, plain, and simple fan.

Emerson is another brand that has paved the way for other now emerging brands on the market. They were founded over a century ago and have never stopped creating and designing new ceiling fans.

Their first ceiling fan was released to the public in 1895 and they have continued to innovate throughout the many years they’ve been running.

Emerson EcoMotor is one of the most efficient options for a ceiling fan that is available to buy right now, and the IkGLO collection features a number of light fixtures and ceiling fans that use LED bulbs excellently.

Emerson strives to stay relevant in an ever-changing market, and they do it exceptionally well.

One benefit of Emerson being active for so long in the ceiling fan industry is that they know how vintage fans would really look.

This gives you a more realistic looking vintage ceiling fan rather than an imitated one from a brand who doesn’t actually know how they would really look in the past.

Westinghouse also offers a great range of both modern and traditional ceiling fans, as well as vintage-looking models that offer just a hint of modernization.

You can choose from a range of sizes for your fan, starting off at just 24 inches in diameter and ranging all the way up to 72 inches.

All of the designs are clean, sophisticated, and lovely with excellent craftsmanship. You can tell that a lot of work and care went into making Westinghouse’s fans.

Most of their ceiling fans come with or without light fixtures and LED technology. The brand began in 1946 as a family business and has continued as such until this day.

They’re stationed in Pennsylvania but have expanded their horizons and now offer shipping to anywhere in the world.

A fun piece of trivia is that the brand’s name Westinghouse was named after the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, founded by George Westinghouse in 1886.

Westinghouse has been owned by many different companies, with Viacom originally purchasing it. However, when Viacom merged with CBS in 1999, CBS took lead ownership.

When these two companies separated again in 2005, Westinghouse was then sold to Toshiba in 2006. Since 2010, the brand has expanded its horizons and begun to focus more on lighting products rather than ceiling fans, but you can still purchase a number of their highest rated models.

This brand is a little less well known than the other ceiling fan manufacturers on our list, however, this does not make them any less of a great brand to buy from.

Sure, their fans are a little unconventional and stray from the norm, but some people like that and want a pineapple-shaped fan in their house! They don’t just stop there, either, with the likes of airplanes, owls, and cats.

Of course, if you were to buy one of these unique fans you would have to hang it from a hook and wire it up to your main grid. This can take a little more work than a conventional ceiling fan, but don’t you want to be different?

Having a vase of flowers fan hanging from your ceiling is sure going to get more of your guests talking than a traditional ceiling fan would.

What Is a Ceiling Fan?

A ceiling fan is exactly what the name suggests – a fan that is suspended from the ceiling of a room. It is mounted by a hub and offers rotating blades that circulate air around the room. They often come with toggle switches that you can pull to adjust the speed setting or turn the fan on and off, you can also install a wall control switch for even easier control.

Most people associate fans with cool air and ceiling fans do circulate cool air around in the summer as the blades blow the cool air down towards the people in the room. This gives you the feeling of cool air and not the humid air that comes along with summer.

However, ceiling fans can actually also rotate the opposite way to draw cooler air upwards, which is an excellent way of extracting all of the cool air from the room and only leaving the warm air. This can be particularly helpful in winter and keep your energy costs down thanks to the lessening need for heating. You can read more about this in our guide about which way should a ceiling fan turn.

Ceiling fans can come with or without light fixtures and are now available in a range of different designs, sizes, and colors. Ceiling fans used to only have a few looks to choose from and were only made from either metal or wood, but now the market is full of different options for you to choose from to suit any room. Let’s get into our list of the best ceiling fan brands to choose from.

What About Generic Brands or Store-Based Ceiling Fans?

Store-based brands such as Hampton Bay, Harbor Breeze, and Color LED have been left off of the list above. Not because we don’t think they’re as good as the brands named above, but because they are priced differently and are only available in some locations. The ceiling fan brands we named above can be accessed online and therefore you can purchase them no matter where you live. It is a little less achievable to drive ten hours to one shop that houses a model that you like.

For example, Harbor Breeze can be found primarily in Lowe’s Home Improvement shops, whereas Hampton Bay is exclusive to The Home Depot. If you do not live next to one of these stores, it would be frustrating to find your new favorite ceiling fan before realizing that you cannot purchase it.

Store brands, such as the ones previously mentioned, are actually created to merely fill in gaps in service, whereas other brands are focused on innovating and developing their products. More care and attention are often put into these ceiling fans, making the brands better overall.

Now, this does not mean to say that generic or store-based ceiling fans are inferior to other models from the brands we looked at above. You can often find a great deal on a quality fan which prevents you from having to research all the different brands that you could choose from. However, wee simply would not class them as among the best ceiling fan brands.

Final Say

Well, there you have it – 12 of the best ceiling fan brands on the market today. Of course, not everyone is going to want the same ceiling fan in their houses, which is why we’ve included a wide range of brands offering different variations of fans.

If you’re wanting more of a rustic looking ceiling fan, one which wouldn’t look out of place in the past and will fit into your vintage space, we’d suggest looking at Ellington or Hunter as they specialize in traditional ceiling fans.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more out there with more innovation and style, brands like Quorum, Minka Aire, and Fanimation might be the best options for you to look at. However, if you’re looking for something completely unique, you cannot go wrong with DecoBREEZE.

Make sure you choose a fan that is up to your needs. If you need a fan to work outside, make sure it is wet rated and suitable for all weather conditions. If you’re going to be using your ceiling fan outside underneath a cover such as a porch or a garage, you can look for a damp rated fan instead. However, if you’re going to be using it in a gazebo or something else with not much cover, a wet rated fan is needed.

Overall, there are a number of ceiling fan brands that offer great products and a vast range of choices for you to look through. Hopefully, our article has inspired you in some way or shown you the ideal brand for you to choose your new ceiling fan from. Thank you for reading!