Are Bathroom Wall Heaters Safe?

There is nothing worse than getting out of the nice warm shower into a freezing bathroom. In the winter months we dread getting out of the shower. Bathroom wall heaters can be a lifesaver, but some people are hesitant about doing this when mixing electricity and water.

So, let’s look at this million-dollar question, are electric bathroom wall heaters safe?

Bathroom wall heaters are safe if the correct protocols and installation guidelines are followed. Putting your wall heater in a bathroom comes with different concerns. IP readings are one of the main concerns when selecting an electric heater for your bathroom.

Bathroom with wall heater

Why does a wall heater in the bathroom pose different threats to one in the living room? Bathrooms, water, and moisture go hand in hand. The following needs to be considered when installing a wall heater in your bathroom.

Are Bathroom Wall Heaters Dangerous?

No, if installed correctly following all instructions and guidelines, bathroom wall heaters are not dangerous.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to electric appliances, nothing is 100% safe.  The same goes for electric wall heaters in the bathroom – they are never 100%, but also, if installed and used correctly they are not dangerous.

If the proper precautions are taken, an electric wall heater in your bathroom can be the best decision you ever made!

Bathroom wall heaters risks:

  • An electric wall heater, no matter where it is placed, is a fire hazard
  • Wall heaters should be plugged into the correct power source. Otherwise, it can cause electricity to trip.
  • Placing your wall heater too close to your towel rack can cause a fire
  • Even with the proper protocols, wall heaters are still a burn hazard for small children and clumsy grown-ups.

Although it might be wise to first do your research and make sure you have the space in your bathroom to install one.

This may all sound a bit overwhelming, let’s delft deeper into all this information to make your planning a little less confusing.

We’ve also discussed whether normal electric wall heaters are safe if you want to take a look.

Can You Put An Electric Heater In The Bathroom?

Yes, if you chose an electric wall heater that is suitable for a bathroom and install correctly, you can put it in a bathroom.

Almost all of us know that electricity and water do not mix well. A bathroom is usually a small space, and therefore some people are scared to place a wall heater in such a small, mostly enclosed area.

Important factors to keep in mind when adding an electric wall heater to your bathroom is the size of your bathroom. If there is a bathtub in your bathroom or not, and the IP reading of your heater. If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, knowing where to place your heater is essential.

We have all seen a movie where somebody is shocked in the bathtub when using an electric appliance. So, is it safe to have an electric heater in the bathroom close to your bathtub?

How Close Can An Electric Wall Heater Be To The Bathtub?

This is a tricky question. When placing an electric heater in your bathroom, it is essential first to inspect the appliance’s Ingress Protection (IP) rating.

Adax explains the format of the rating will be XXIP.

XX represents the numbers that will indicate if the heater is safe for wet room use. If electric heaters are placed 88.58 inches above the bathtub’s edge, their IP rating should be IPX4.

Most electric heaters have an IP24 rating. This means that they should be placed 23.6 inches away from the bathtub edges and 88.58 inches up the wall.

Are you a bit confused about this IP rating?

Don’t worry, the following will explain it perfectly.

The universal IP rating can be explained as follow:

First DigitIntrusion ProtectionSecond DigitMoisture Protection
0No Protection0No Protection
1Protects against solid objects over 2.16 inches1Protection against condensation
2Protection: Solid objects over 0.47 inches2Protect: Direct spray from vertical.
3Protect: Solid objects over 0.098 inches3Protects: Direct spray from the vertical
4Protect: Solid objects over 0.03 inches4Protect: Water splashes from any direction
5Protect: Against dust5Protect: Low-pressure jets of water
6100% protection from dust6Protected: High-pressure jets of water.

Considering the above, your electric wall heater should be at least 23,6 inches away from your bathtub and 88.85 inches up the wall from the bathtub edge. You should also ensure that your electrical heater has an IP rating of at least 24.
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If you don’t have a bathtub, it’s still important not to place your heater too close to the shower, as the shower will also cause a splash. Having a bathroom with limited space, you are probably wondering exactly where you should put your heater.

Where Should I Put My Bathroom Heater?

Before we go continue, it is essential to consider getting an electrician or qualified person to install your electric wall heater in your bathroom. If you love DIY, ensure you follow these crucial tips when putting up your electric bathroom heater.

As mentioned before, your IP reading on the heater should be at least IP X4 as this is a minimal requirement for electrical appliances in the bathroom.

It’s also important to not place your heater too close to any water source, e.g., shower, sink, and bathtub.

Make sure to place your heater in such a manner that it won’t be a fire or accident hazard. If you have small children, put your heater high enough for them not to reach.

It is also important to remember that electric wall heaters can significantly increase your electricity bill if not used correctly. Note that roughly ten watts are needed for every square foot.
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Buying and installing a wall heater may not be as easy as one two three.

There are IP ratings, location, and safety protocols to keep in mind. But in the end, it is 100% safe to put an electric wall heater in your bathroom. Just be sure to follow all the correct protocols.

Hopefully this article allows you to have endless mornings and nights in a cozy warm bathroom!